Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meet BLDPA Board Member Lindsey!

Hi, I'm Lindsey.
Woops, that's a bit outdated.
Ah, that's more like it. My friend Chloe took that picture- she's one of my babysitting clients, and also an amazing photographer (for a 4 year old). I babysit for quite a few families in the neighborhood. I'm also an elementary school visual arts teacher at a school in Silver Spring, MD. 

I moved to Bloomingdale about 2 1/2 years ago after living in Petworth. Although I expected to buy my first place in the Logan area, I found my little carriage house here and fell in love with the friendly, quiet neighborhood. After a few renovations, I moved on to Bloomingdale Court and have been happy every since.

I volunteered to be on the board of directors for the BLDP because my dog, Pablo, is a huge part of my life.
He's a 7 year old Westie (West Highland) Terrier, with a little bit of Corgi thrown into the mix. When you see Pablo at the dog park, he will probably be walking along the perimeter fence and "marking" it every three feet or so, or sitting with me on the bench. He's a bit of an old man.

Pablo's best friend is my cat, Max.

He's a semi-blind, totally deaf, sweet as pie senior cat who came to live here in October when his previous owner had to move suddenly.

In future blog posts, I will share some of my short stories about ol' Pablo (and Max), and some of my cartoons. I like to take funny real-life quotes from my experiences in teaching (kids say the darndest things, after all) and combine them with my love of drawing cartoon animals. They're a big hit with my friends and family, so I hope you like them, too!

So... that's me, Secretary of the BLDPA Board of Directors. See you at the park!
- Lindsey :)

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