Dog Park Rules

The following rules are based on the DC Municipal Regulations (DCMR), Chapter 7, Title 19 (Amusements, Parks and Recreation). The Bloomingdale Ledroit Dog Park Association (BLDPA) is the sponsoring dog park group primarily responsible for enforcement of these rules, with the assistance of the DC Department of Parks and Recreation, the DC Metropolitan Police Department, and other DC agencies. Usage of dog park in the "Park at LeDroit" signifies your agreement to abide by these rules. The BLDPA Board reserves the right: (1) to suspend or ban individual dog owners and/or individual dogs from use of the dog park in the case of persistent or repeated violations of these rules; and, (2) without prior notice to modify these rules.

All persons use the dog park at their own risk. Neither the District of Columbia, its agencies, or BLDPA shall be liable for any injury or damage caused in the dog park.
  1. The dog park opens at approximately 7:30AM, Monday through Friday, and 8AM on Saturday, Sunday, and official holidays. The park is locked "at dark" every day by BLDPA volunteers (this time changes depending on the time of year). No persons or dogs are permitted within the dog park when it is locked.
  2. All dogs entering the park must have a valid DC Dog Park tag, issued by the DC Department of Health, current rabies vaccination tag and a DC dog license.
  3. Children under sixteen (16) years of age may enter the dog park ONLY when accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  4. No unattended dogs are permitted - dog handlers shall accompany, maintain visual contact, and have voice control over their dog(s) AT ALL TIMES.
  5. No more than three (3) dogs are permitted per dog handler.
  6. The small dog area capacity is 5 dogs. The large dog area capacity is 28 dogs.
  7. Dogs that have been legally designated as "dangerous dogs" are not permitted in the dog park. Dog handlers shall report all animal bites to the DC Department of Health at (202) 442-5955 within twenty-four (24) hours in accordance with communicable disease laws and shall comply with all animal control, dangerous dog, and communicable disease laws and regulations before entering the dog park.
  8. While vigorous dog play is encouraged, aggressive dogs are not permitted and any dog behaving aggressively shall be immediately leashed and removed from the dog park by its handler.
  9. Dog handlers shall collect and bag all solid waste created by their dog(s) while in the Dog Park and dispose of it in the designated on-site "Dogipot" receptacles.
  10. The following are not permitted in the dog park: puppies less than four (4) months old (for their own safety) and dogs that are in heat (this can incite aggressive behavior in other canines).
Helpful Hints:
  • Please keep your dog on a leash while walking to the dog park through the general park area.  DC law requires a dog to be leashed at all times in public. In addition, there are many unsupervised children in the general park area who many not know how to behave around an unleashed dog.
  • Entry  into the dog park is via a double entry gate system so as to ensure no dogs can escape from the park. Both entry gates shall NOT be opened at the same time and handlers are required to close each gate securely after use. 
  • This is an off-leash dog park and it is preferred that leashes be removed on entry. Leashes must be replaced when exiting. All dogs using the park shall wear a collar; however, the use of retractable leashes and spike or choke collars is not permitted in the dog park. 
  • We strongly discourage the use of cell phones for voice or text conversations. It is advised that when receiving a call or texting, you leash your dog and leave the dog park until finished. 
  • Please do not take extra poop bags from the park - they are for use in the DOG PARK ONLY. Your neighbors, who are members of BLDPA pay for those bags.  The city does not provide those bags.
  • Please make sure poop bags make it into the trash bag in the bin.  Volunteers have to sometimes remove this trash (when the city, er, forgets) and its a much nastier process when the poop is not in the trash bag.